Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Consult with a Librarian Service

For those who might wonder what Consult with a Librarian is about, here is a synopsis of what has occurred on that 2nd floor Wednesday night 5:30-7:00 time slot at the Health Computer location. First, you usually don't know what to expect and that can add to the excitement of wondering what the patron might need. Some examples of what I've "consulted" or taught or demonstrated follow:
  • setting up email accounts
  • writing and sending emails
  • copy and pasting and adding attachments in email
  • uploading resumes
  • creating resumes
  • job searching
  • legal research to solve a specific problem
  • remote library access
The people I have "consulted" with are an interesting mix:
  • a man from Mexico
  • a woman from Albania
  • a man from Nigeria
  • a young mother and college graduate
  • a woman living in public housing
Library resources I have used:
  • Job & Career Accelerator
  • Mass Legal Services
  • Yahoo email
  • Books on resumes and cover letters
This is a beginning and we hope to expand into other areas such as finding books and magazine articles, accessing different online databases, finding resources on topics, and any other things a patron might want to learn to do. The patron "calls the shots" in this service. It is an interesting interaction and a nice way to get to know people on a professional level...whether it's One on One, Won on Won, or Win and seems to be working!

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