Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Learning Express Library

Worcester Public Library staff see a high demand for study guides and practice tests. Half of the patrons are students that attend the local high schools and colleges. The other half comprise central Mass residents that are seeking a career change or a way to better their positions. We make every attempt to purchase examination guides in as many subject areas as we possibly can. We sometimes have a waiting list for GED, ASVAB and MTEL guides.

However, patrons are not aware that we also subscribe to a database called Learning Express Library. This database contains literally hundreds of practice tests in eleven broad areas of study: workplace skills, computer skills, GED Prep, occupation practice tests, U.S. Citizenship, as well as math and literacy skills for all school ages.

Some of the more popular tests include:
  • Civil Service
  • Math Skills Improvement
  • Military
  • Nursing
  • Teaching
  • Real Estate

A new feature offered by Learning Express Library is the ability to download an electronic book to your home computer. If, for instance, you were preparing for the entrance exam to nursing school you have the option of taking at least a hundred practice tests (over and over again) or you can download a nursing study guide.

To use this database all you need is a valid Worcester Public Library card.

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