Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Q&A: using the new online catalog

Librarians answer your questions about Evergreen, the library new system

Q: What is my password to login my library account or the library's computer?
A: Your default password should be your last name in all caps. If your password does not work, ask a librarian to reset for you if you are in the library.  Or you can request a password to be sent to your email by clicking on Forget your password? link below your password box. See

Q: I know my password but I still cannot log into my library account. What should I do?
A: If your library card number starts with "D", make sure to type uppercase "D" instead of lowercase "d".

Q: I used to be able to search the library catalog at home. Now when I click on the catalog link, it gives me an error message. Is there something wrong with my computer?
A. No. On the contrary, your computer is so smart that it remembers the old link and tries to access that link.  Try one of the following.
1. If you see the "... cannot display the page" error message, click Back arrow of your Internet browser.

2. Go to . Click C/WMARS Online One Catalog. Then go to the library website and click on the catalog.

Q: In the old system, everytime you checked out a book, it was added automatically to a "book history" in my account.  Does "book history" function exist in the new system?
A: Yes. "Book History" in the new system is called "Checked out items/holds history", which you have to set up in your account under Search Preferences. Log into your library account at Under Account Preferences, click on Search Preferences. Choose "Keep history of Checked out items" and/or "Keep history of holds". As soon as you set it up, everything you check out/request will show up under the "Check out history" section of "Items Checked Out" or the "Holds History" section of "Holds". The staff at the library does NOT have access to your check out history or holds history.

Q: What is "My Lists"?
A: "My Lists" enables you to create temporary and permanent book lists, create and edit notes for items in lists, place holds on items in lists, and share lists via email or RSS feeds.
To create a list:
Log into your account under My Lists, name your first list, click Submit. Then search for titles and choose a title to add to your list by clicking Add to My List. Click View My List on top of the Search Results. Select those titles and then Click Actions for These Items. Move selected titles into an existing list.

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