Saturday, January 19, 2013

Free AARP Income Tax Preparation at the Library

$$$    AARP Tax Help Program    $$$
Free income tax preparation
for low-income individuals and households (* see restrictions below)

Worcester Public Library
3 Salem Square, Worcester, MA 01608

Saturday mornings, February 2 to April 13, 2013

To make an appointment:
·       By phone:  508-799-1655 option 3  (reference)
·       In person:  Library’s reference desk on 2nd floor (see below for library hours)
Appointments are highly recommended.   You may walk in without an appointment, Saturdays between 9:00am and noon.  However, you may need to wait a long time, or even come back another time, if you do not have an appointment.

* Restrictions:  The AARP Tax Program is a free service for low income taxpayers with simple tax returns only.  We cannot prepare your tax return if you have:
·       Higher income (more than $50,000 if single, $65,000 if head of household, $80,000 if married)
·       Rental income (Schedule E)
·       Complex self-employment income (Schedule C)
·       More than 12 Schedule D transactions (sale of bonds and stocks)
·       Other complex tax situations. We can determine whether we are qualified to prepare your return when you come in at your scheduled appointment time.

Other places to get tax help or referrals if you meet the qualifications for receiving help through their service:
·       Main South Community Development Corporation:  508-752-6181
·       Plumley Village/Community Builders:   508-770-0508 (Spanish 831-9835)
·       Worcester Community Action Council, Inc.:  508-754-1176 ext 124
·       Worcester State College:   508-929-8424 or 8635
·       Worcester Senior Center:   508-799-1232

Please cancel your appointment if you cannot make it.
To cancel, call 508-799-1655 option 3.
We will not serve you if you miss an appointment without cancelling.

Where to go for your appointment
In the main Worcester library, go to the periodicals section on the 3rd floor. 
See the AARP tax help receptionist in the waiting area located at two long tables.

What to bring to your appointment
1.    Photo ID
2.    Social Security numbers and birth dates for everyone on the return. Actual social security cards are best if you have them.
3.    Tax documents for all 2011 income, including whichever of these apply to you:
a.    Earned Income (W-2)
b.    Social Security Income (SSA-1099)
c.     Pension/Retirement Income (1099-R)
d.    Unemployment Income (1099-G)
e.    Nonemployee Compensation (1099-MISC)
f.     Gambling Income (W-2G)
g.    Interest Income (1099-INT)
4.    A copy of last year’s tax returns, Federal and State, if available.
5.    Health Insurance Statement (1099-HC)  If you can’t find the form your health insurance provider mailed to you, bring all health insurance cards.
6.    A blank check for us to see, so you can have direct deposit of your refund (recommended).
7.    If you rent, the amount you paid for rent of your primary residence.
8.    If you own your home, bring your Mortgage Interest Statement (Form 1098) and the amounts you actually paid during 2011 for real estate taxes.
9.    If you pay child care expenses, bring receipt showing the name, address, and social security number of the care giver and the amount paid.
10. If you are a senior citizen claiming the Circuit Breaker Credit for Massachusetts, bring the name and address of the landlord if you rent, or real estate taxes actually paid during 2011 and separate amounts paid for water and sewer if you own your home.
11. Any education payments including student loan interest, tuition, and scholarship amounts.

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