Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"True Detective" Reading List

Your friendly WPL librarians don't only read books; we also love TV shows like HBO's "True Detective"!

Now that the show is over, if you (like us) find yourself anxious for more from Rust and Marty, we have some books you might enjoy. Click here for a list of 16 titles; you will find call number information and can place a hold with your library card if it's unavailable. The list includes Southern fiction for those most attracted to the setting; hard boiled detective stories for those interested in mysteries; tales of the macabre and magical; and philosophy books similar to Rust's own views.


"True Detective" is one of the few TV dramas written entirely by one person, Nic Pizzolatto. Before he wrote the episodes, he wrote the 2010 novel Galveston, whose protagonist could be easily  mistaken for a civilian version of Rust. The novel takes place in Texas and Louisiana, and includes just as much murder and mayhem as the show.

The disturbing Biblical imagery from "True Detective" is reminiscent of British romantic poet and artist William Blake. This collection is a great introduction to his work and includes many images.

This Chilean author said that he would probably have been a homicide detective if he didn't become a writer. He blends magical realism, government corruption, love and mystery in The Skating Rink, originally published in Spanish in 1993.

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