Wednesday, June 25, 2014

See what others are saying about our Computer Classes

Two months ago we started a series of intermediate computer classes on various topics called Technology Demystified. We have held sessions in LinkedIn, PowerPoint, Facebook, and Gmail. Here's what some students have said:

“Very clear, patient, not rushed.”

“Good explanation of topics.”

“The LinkedIn Demystified class gave me all the information I need to proceed.”

“Katie was calm, helpful and great at answering questions. It added some more confidence to my LinkedIn abilities.”

“I learned a lot. It will help me in my work and in my life.”

During July we have three more such classes! : 

Facebook: Friday, July 11, 11:30-1 pm, 3rd Floor Lab
Explore the uses of Facebook, set up an account, find "friends," and understand privacy settings. 

Windows 7: Friday, July 18, 11:30-1 pm, 3rd Floor Lab
This class is intended for those who either have a computer with Windows 7, or frequently use the library computers.  We will teach you special tips and shortcuts on using Windows 7, including free programs to download on your personal computer to keep it running smoothly. 
Please do not bring your computer to class.

PowerPoint: Friday, July 25, 11:30-1 pm, 3rd Floor Lab
When you go to almost any lecture today, you will notice that the speakers have organized their information into PowerPoint slides. If you are working or in school, you will eventually be asked to give a talk using these slides. This class will prepare you, start to finish. The only thing left is dealing with your nervous butterflies!

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