Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Worcester Talking Book Library's Adaptive Technology Training Workshops

The Worcester Talking Book Library’s remaining two free adaptive technology training workshops will take place in the computer lab at the Worcester Public Library on Saturday mornings from 9:45 AM–11:45 AM. The next two sessions are outlined below.

Saturday June 6: Microsoft Word Basics
This session will cover navigating ribbon menus, the most important commands for reading existing Word documents, creating new ones, and saving them to your hard drive.

Saturday June 13: To Be Determined
The topic for this workshop will be decided by consensus of those who participated in the previous sessions.

To register for these workshops, as well as to seek any additional information, please contact Jim Izatt or call the Worcester Talking Book Library at 1-800-762-0085 or 1-508-799-1730.

The only prerequisite for participation is a minimum typing skill level of approximately 20 words per minute. Please remember to bring a pair of personal headphones so you can work on one of the lab computers.

Reminders and registration requests for subsequent workshops will be sent out shortly before each of those workshops.

Do not hesitate to share this message with someone whom you think might be interested in attending this workshop.

Thank you for your interest.

For information on the Worcester Talking Book Library and its free services to people who cannot read traditional print materials due to visual or physical disability, click on the following link:

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