Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Find Your Next Book with Novelist Plus

Figuring out what’s next on your reading list has never been easier, or more entertaining, with access to Novelist Plus, the premier Readers Advisory resource. Whether you are a librarian, a teacher, a bookseller or a bookworm, there is something to peak your interest here. Lucky for you, with a Worcester Public library card, you can access this database from wherever you have Internet access just by visiting and clicking on Online Databases. Novelist Plus boasts many browsable options, including Author Read-Alikes, expert articles such as “Books to Movies”, an extensive collection of book discussion guides, and Curricular Connections, an element that would certainly augment any educator’s lesson plans.  The homepage presents an array of Recommended Reading lists, arranged by genre and age group, plus there is a keyword search box for the person who needs to retrieve a book title about which they only remember a few details.  Perhaps most engaging is the outstanding “I’m in the mood for books that are…”, a feature in which you can search by the following descriptors (or appeals in Novelist-speak): Nostalgic and Bittersweet, Offbeat and Witty, Fast-paced and Strong Female, or Nonlinear and Compelling.  You can also customize a personal reading list by choosing your own appeals—have fun!

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