Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Find Your Next Great Read @ WPL

Did you know there is a whole branch of librarianship dedicated to perfecting the art of the book recommendation?  It’s called Readers’ Advisory and here at WPL we’re flexing our librarian muscles and kicking it up a notch with a new service just for our readers: Find Your Next Great Read.  Whether you’re an occasional skimmer of biographies or a voracious consumer of historical romance we’d like to help you find something you’ll love. 

Sometimes you get into a slump and you just don’t know what to read next.  Other times you feel like you need to be inspired to step outside your comfort zone.  Whatever your reading mood you can participate in this new service by filling out the Find Your Next Great Read form here.  We’ll ask you questions about books you like, books you don’t like and everything in between.  Let us know what you’re in the mood for and we’ll provide you with a personalized reading guide of titles hand selected by a WPL librarian.  Sure, you could find your next book on Novelist or Goodreads (and we do encourage you to explore!) but what Find Your Next Great Read offers is the personal touch.  Each reading guide will include a note from the librarian who compiled it, giving a little explanation as to why we chose the titles that we did.  Additionally you will receive summaries and appeal factors on each title.  These will give you hints about the books’ plots and why you might like them.

This is a new service and we welcome your feedback and suggestions!  Get inspired and check it out today!

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