Thursday, April 14, 2016

Need to do some market research? Try AtoZ Databases

AtoZ Databases is a top-tier job search, reference & mailing list database, which includes 30 million business and executive profiles, and 220 million residents. Ideal for creating sales leads mailing lists, conducting market research, finding employment opportunities, locating friends, relatives and businesses. Content is available in Spanish.

Additionally, AtoZ offers free training. Sign up for "Principles of How to Find New Customers & Grow Your Business," and 
you will learn how to increase your client list and even generate more foot traffic within your business. Also covered is emailing data, creating matrices, and figuring out who your competition is. Register here for a 30-minute session.

All that is necessary to avail yourself of this wealth of information is your WPL library card. Go to, select Online Databases, and locate AtoZ at the top of Business & Finance. Happy hunting! 

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