Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Welcome to the NEW Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Remember the Encyclopedia Britannica, that burgundy-colored multi-volume set in your school or public library? Good news, researchers: It’s now online and accessible to anyone with a WPL card! 

Look up any topic and the results list will include articles of varying lengths and levels of academic import, videos, vetted websites, and more. Once an item is viewed and selected, it can be printed or emailed, and citations in MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago Manual of Style format are available at the click of the mouse. Each article can be translated into seventy languages, and many are available in read-aloud audio mode. The database is loaded with graphics, charts and statistics, and also suggested reading lists that include primary source e-books. 

The next time you have a project or paper due, don’t forget this valuable resource, conveniently located at mywpl.org. Click on Research, select Online Databases, and Encyclopedia Britannica is listed alphabetically under Encyclopedias and Reference Titles. Suitable for elementary school-age children on up. 

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