Thursday, July 20, 2017

Build a Better World: Patron Book Reviews Abound!

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A Life in Parts 

by Bryan Cranston

As someone who didn't know Cranston was the lead on Breaking Bad, I enjoyed gaining insight into his life (like going with the flow with marrying a couple because a reverend had booked two weddings on the same day) and how he delved into and created his character as an actor. It's a popular audiobook for a reason. Cranston has lived his life with much gusto, committed to both his family and his career. Poignant, funny, and inspiring, this book is still a 4.5 out of 5 stars 

~ Anita Y.

Stillhouse Lake 

by Rachel Caine

I needed a break from some deep non-fiction reading I've been doing, so turned to a thriller I had stored on my Kindle that was probably an Amazon deal of the day or something -one of those things that by the time I read it, I've forgotten how it made it on the list in the first place. The problem with most books along these lines (Woman In Trouble Surrounded By Men Where At Least One Is EVIL) is that the author often goes too far in the other direction to make the big bad wolf seem like a fluffy puppy. Caine did an excellent job of making each of the cast of characters switch realistically between menacing and helpful, suspicious on one page and then a Boy Scout the next. 

It is rare where I read a book like this that I haven't predicted the "surprise" twist (is anything more overdone these days?) and guilty party by halfway through, and here, each time I was sure I had figured it out, I'd start to doubt it, much like Gwen herself. And I think that's what held this together so well - Gwen is such an interesting main character, as you see her grow from gullible victim to bad-ass self protector. 

I also have to give credit for managing to make clear the horrific nature of the serial killer's crimes while not veering anywhere near torture porn descriptions. There were times I wondered how realistic the level of continuing obsession of Gwen's internet stalkers was... given the 24-hour news cycle world we're in, wouldn't they have moved on to newer shinier targets? It was the only thing I had to conscientiously suspend disbelief over, and I was more than willing to do so.

~ Roseann F. 

Born to Run 

by Bruce Springsteen

Loved Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run and totally recommend the audiobook version.  I tried to get this from Overdrive but it took too long and was able to borrow the Recorded Book CD Set.  It's an amazing tale and so well written. You learn everything you ever wanted to know about Bruce Springsteen and his great passion for music and his family.  

~ Roseann F.

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