Friday, November 8, 2019

The Wild Turkeys in Massachusetts

The Wild Turkeys in Massachusetts
By James E. Cardoza
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
Call # REF 598.619 Cardoza 

Thanksgiving is almost upon us so it seems appropriate to review this particular reference resource in case you like to find out how the wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) have fared in Massachusetts since the appearance of the very first one! The bad news is, they almost completely disappeared by 1851. The good news is, after several failed attempts at re-population, plenty of wild turkeys started roaming the state in 1970s. They also adapted well to living in urban areas and tolerating their human neighbors. Notable fact: Hunting turkeys has been allowed in this state since 1980.

This reference book provides plenty of photographs and helpful charts and figures to illustrate wild turkeys' habitats, nesting and feeding habits, hunting harvests, and their growing population numbers. To learn more, visit the 2nd floor in the Main Library. Happy Thanksgiving!

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