Thursday, July 12, 2012

Need summer reading ideas? Check out Playaways!

What’s a Playaway?
Small - a matchbox-sized  audiobook player, preloaded  with titles for children, teens, and adults

Convenient - No computer, charger or Internet connection are needed. One pair of earbuds and one AAA battery are all you need. A universal headphone jack allows you to use any headphones, speakers or car adapters for listening.

Easy to use - You can navigate back and forth through chapters, bookmark where you stopped listening, and control the reader’s speed.

Portable - Go anywhere you go

How do I check them out?

Adult Playaway titles for are located in the DVD area on a red book truck. Playaways for teens or children are located in YA area or Children Room.  All Playaways can be checked out for three weeks with two renews.

How do I find a Playaway in the library's catalog?

Ask a librarian at 508-799-1655 x 3 if you have any questions 

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