Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Need Summer Reading Ideas? Download library ebooks

Follow instructions below to download an ebook to your Kindle, Nook or other ereaders.

For Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo or other e-reader users:

1. Go to the library's website at http://www.worcpublib.org./

2. Click Digital Downloads in the left column http://www.worcpublib.org/resources/audiobooks.htm

3. Choose Overdrive

4. Sign in with your library's card number

5. Click Advanced Search

6. Under Format: choose Kindle if you have a Kindle, choose EPUB if you have Nook or other e-reader.

7. Check Only Show titles with copies available

8. Then click Search

9. After you choose a book, click Proceed to check out

10. After the item is checked out,
 For Kindle users: 
- you will be prompted to Get for Kindle button.
- Click the button, then you need to log in your Amazon account.
- Choose which device you want Amazon to deliver the library ebook to under Get Library book.
 - Your library book should show up on your Kindle. If not, press Menu button on your Kindle, then choose Sync.
For Nook, Sony, Kobo or other e-reader users:
-before you click on Download button, you need to following the link above Download button to download the needed software (adobe digital edition) to your computer.
- Follow the instructions on the page to activate your computer and your device.
- After that, click Download, your book will be downloaded into Adobe Digital Edition on your computer.
 - Then connect your Nook or other device to your computer. Your device will show in the left column of the digital edition panel.
- Then drag your book into the device. Unplug your device, sync your device, your ebook should appear on your device.

For Kindle Fire users:

Follow the instructions for Kindle above on your Fire. You don't need to use a computer to download a library ebook.

For iPad, iphone or any other tablet or smartphone users:
All you need to do is to download free Overdrive app on your device. Choose an ebook in EPUB format (see instructions above) and then download it through your device.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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