Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Online Genealogy Resources for Kids and Teens

Genealogy, the study of one’s family line, is a rewarding and sometimes consuming hobby. The dedicated researchers who commit themselves to this study have a fascination with the past and a desire to feel connected with their ancestors. Most genealogists are middle-aged or older. Creating a family tree for posterity is a noble aspiration, but if new generations fail to continue that research then the tree dies. It’s important to get our kids interested in genealogy, not only for the sake of our own research, but to instill a love of learning and an appreciation for history in children and teens.

This summer Joy Hennig, our Local History and Genealogy Librarian, will be leading two sessions of Genealogy for Kids, a program for children aged 12 and up accompanied by an adult. The program will be held at the Francis Perkins Branch Library on July 12 from 2-3pm and at the Main Branch on July 30th from 2:30-3:30pm.

To expand on these programs we have identified some useful genealogical resources for kids:

Boy Scout Merit Badge in Genealogy
This webpage describes the requirements for the merit badge in genealogy and includes a listing of very helpful web resources to help introduce young people to this study. An invaluable resource for young people first learning about genealogy, regardless of whether or not they are associated with the Boy Scouts.

FamilySearch – Time Lines
FamilySearch, a giant in the genealogical field, provides instructions for creating a timeline for one’s family history.

Family Tree Kids
A great site for kids to learn about genealogy. Includes a family tree download, forms and how-tos.

Pinterest- Genealogy for Kids
This Pinterest board features fun genealogy-themed activities for children.

For more information:
WPL Program Calendar
WPL Local History and Genealogy Resources

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