Monday, May 19, 2014

Need Grant Funds? Try Foundations Directory Online

The library subscribes to dozens of online databases to fulfill our patrons’ research needs.  Whether you’re writing a research paper, repairing your car, or pricing an antique discovered at a yard sale, we’ve got you covered.  The WPL Reference Blog will be highlighting some of our most unique and useful databases starting with the Foundations Directory Online.

If you’re a member of a non-profit group or an individual searching for grant money to fund a project, the Foundations Directory is an excellent place to start.  The library subscribes to two versions of the Directory: Professional and Individual.  The professional directory gives users access to Grantmakers, companies, grants and 990 forms.  Search in any of these categories or across all four using the Powersearch feature.  Visual tools allow users to map the geographic disbursement of grants from specific companies or chart disbursement by subject area or recipient type.  Grantmaker profiles include contact information, restrictions, application requirements and more.

The individual directory works similarly to the professional version.  Search thousands of top Grantmaker profiles and discover foundations that fund:

  • Scholarships, fellowships, loans, internships
  • Students and graduates of specific schools
  • Arts and cultural support
  • Awards, prizes and grants by nomination
  • Interna0tional students
  • Employees/families of employees at specific companies
  • Research and professional support
  • General welfare and special needs.
Search tip: when using Advanced Search, click on “view index” beneath each search field to browse the search terms and phrases associated with the subject you’re interested in.

Come by the Worcester Public Library to get started searching the Foundations Directory today!  The Foundations Directory Online is only available from computers inside the library.

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