Thursday, July 6, 2017

Build a Better World: Patron Book Reviews!

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts

by Susan Cain

This book puts into words what many introverts have either always known or couldn't quite put a finger on. The author puts to rest the notion that extroverts always trump introverts (even in sales) and uses facts, statistics and case studies to showcase how people have succeeded because of -- and not despite -- their introversion. I'd love for this book to be part of required reading somewhere. As an introvert, I feel that much more validated and can go about the world more confidently, thanks to this book.

~ Anita Y.

Brotherhood in Death

by J.D. Robb

Brotherhood in Death is one of my favorites - I reread this series (In Death series) all the time, and this one I go back to again and again. I love the backstory and the insight into otherwise minor characters within the series. 

~ Melissa C. 


 Ice Like Fire

by Sara Raasch

Didn't like it as much as I thought.

This book doesn't do any justice to the first one. It just goes on and on about Meira wanting to save the world and doing things wrong, and claiming she's the queen and loving Winter. Not to mention that this book is nearly five hundred pages and could easily be boiled down to about the last FIFTY pages. I'm so serious. Maybe one or two characters are introduced that are important, but the whole book is so pointless, and boring. It felt like nothing was happening - which is why it was boring.

Viryuana M.

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