Monday, July 17, 2017

Build a Better World through Patron Evaluation

As we head into the third week of our Adult Summer Reading program we have received many positive comments with regard to our classes, conversations, and programs here at Worcester Main Library through our outcome-based surveys designed by Project Outcome through the Public Library Association.

When we asked our patrons what they liked most about our programs here is how they responded:

- "it's helpful for my job"
- "very engaging and insightful"
- "informative session"
- "presentation was excellent and informative and organized very well"
- "the instructor was very knowledgeable and informative"
- "lots of actual practice"
- "teacher is knowledgeable and easy to learn from"
- "interacting with others"
- "teachers ability to instruct all levels of fitness"
- "gaining more confidence"

Below is a word cloud visualizing what patrons liked most about our summer programs so far!

Our classes, conversations, and programs offer our patrons new opportunities to learn a new technology, develop a new job skill, discover how to keep your mind and body healthy, or to join a community conversation. Every survey our patrons fill out will help us to design Worcester Public Library's action plan for our 5 Year Strategic Plan and build better classes, services, and programs!

Have you attended a class, conversation, or program at Worcester Main Library? Make sure you fill out a survey to let us know how we are doing and don't forget to log the event you attended on our Summer Reading site!

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