Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finding Urban Fiction at WPL

Do you love reading urban fiction?  Have you ever had a tough time locating the books you want at the library?  Here are some tips that should help you find the authors you love and discover some new ones while you're at it.

At WPL urban fiction authors are included in our general fiction collection on the first floor.  It can be tricky to locate books if you're not looking for a specific title or author.  If you'd like to browse for books in this genre your best bet is to use our catalog to pull up a list of titles.  One strategy is to search by publisher.  There are many publishers who focus exclusively on urban fiction.  Doing a keyword search for one of these publishers will pull up a list of titles.  You can browse that list and use the call numbers to locate the titles you want on our shelves.

Searching by publisher...

Start with these popular urban fiction publishers:
  • Strebor books
  • Triple Crown
  • Urban Books
  • Q-Boro Books
Perform a keyword search:

Browse results:

You may find authors you'd never heard of before!

Search by author...

Another option is to search for popular urban fiction authors.  Here are some suggestions (experienced readers will know that this list is not exhaustive!):
  • K'Wan
  • Noire
  • Sister Souljah
  • Carl Weber
  • Teri Woods

Using Novelist...

 Finally, if you have specific reading preferences you can try our readers' advisory database, Novelist.  Search for books or authors you've loved and find a "read-a-like."  Or search for a specific theme, setting or other story element to find suggested titles.


As always we welcome you to ask a librarian for assistance or advice on what to read next!