Friday, June 28, 2019

Adult Summer Reading Patron Reviews: Bestselling Authors Edition

And we're back with Worcester Adult Readers, a.k.a. WooReaders patron reviews! Everyone loves a bestselling author. Check out these fiction and nonfiction titles and see if there's one you missed. And don't forget we're giving away 2 Kindle PaperWhites as a Grand Prize for two lucky participants in this Summer Reading program. The more you participate, the more chance you have of winning.

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Until next time, happy reading!

Got The Look 
By James Grippando
A lawyer's new girlfriend is kidnapped. He didn’t know she was married and her husband refuses to pay. How much is she worth to him? Lots of twists right up to the surprising end.

~Karen S.

Girl, Stop Apologizing 
By Rachel Hollis 
This book was amazing, so much encouragement and self-worth motivation. I enjoyed it so much I have been telling everyone to read it!

~Maura C.

The Sun And Her Flowers 
By Rupi Kaur 
I truly connected with her poetry and the way she writes it. I loved reading her story unfold with each poem. No matter how long or short I felt her spirit in-tangled in every word. I felt connected to her. I may not have endured all that she has but I understand the feelings of self-hate and wishing to be the others you see. I truly connected with "numbness, depression is a shadow living inside me, & the underrated heartache". Each of these I felt was written with me in mind ( even though they weren't). But I loved them as if. 

~Dyshawnna M.

By Stephen King
King's writing is filled with optimism, sadness, and a search for answers to life's most unanswerable questions. A riveting book that I thoroughly enjoyed cover-to-cover.

~Valdajean J.

Save Me The Plums: My Gourmet Memoir 
By Ruth Reichl 
A book about the author’s ten years running Gourmet magazine. Reichs tells a great story. One of her best books. So well written and it made me really hungry. I want to make all of the dishes listed in the accompanying recipes!

~Tricia L.

Blood Vow 
By J. R. Ward 
This book was a great continuation of the Black Dagger Legacy series. Not my favorite book by JR Ward, but still a very good and entertaining book! I love the world she has created with her books and I look forward to reading more. These books are amazing and I would 10/10 recommend!!!

~Kayleigh W.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Check out Playaway Pre-Loaded Audiobooks from the Library

Playaways are small mp3 players with an audiobook already downloaded onto it.  All you need is a AAA battery , earphones, a speaker with a headphone jack or an auxiliary jack in your car.

These portable little devices fit in a pocket, bag, or you can use a lanyard to hang it around your neck if you choose to use earphones.

I put it in my pocket while doing laundry, cleaning, cooking or yard work.  I use it with a speaker when I do knitting, cross stitch or just petting the cats and dog who always have to come between me and a book.  Because it is so versatile I can listen in the car, then carry it in the house and listen without having to remember which track or disc I was on. 

Interested in this format? Check them out in our audiobook section.  Just look for the section full of orange cases.