Wednesday, May 31, 2023

New Releases: June 2023 Edition

Check out these highly anticipated June releases featuring fiction and nonfiction titles. Click on the title to request a copy or get your name on the waitlist. Don’t forget to watch for more featured releases next month! 


 The Whispers by Audrey Audrain The peace of a summer barbecue in a bucolic suburban community is shattered when a hitherto “perfect mother” explodes in rage at her teenage son, Xavier. Scandalous enough, but when Zach falls through his bedroom window and ends up hospitalized and in a coma, friendships unravel and whispers abound. As in her previous best-selling novel, The Push, Audrain’s new work offers twist after suspenseful twist.

Open Throat: A Novel by Henry Hoke A lonely, dangerously hungry mountain lion, exiled from his family by his domineering father, ekes out a living below the Hollywood sign, and ponders the variety of humans who cross his path. Question is, does he want to eat a human or become one? This poignant highly original novel is garnering a host of rave reviews.

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women:A Novel by Lisa See Born into an aristocratic family in 15th century China, Tan Yunxian overcomes numerous obstacles to become a physician catering especially to women. This richly detailed portrait of a strong woman and the time and place in which she lived, is based on a true story.


Better Living Through Birding: Notes From a Black Man in the Natural World by Christian Cooper A self-described, “blerd”, black nerd, Cooper has been an avid birder since he was ten years old. Every spring he takes a short ride on the subway from his home to Central Park where he studies the migratory patterns of the Park’s avian population, a supremely peaceful pursuit, until in 2019, when a racially charged confrontation with a dog walker, was caught on film and went viral. Equal parts memoir, travelogue, and primer on the art of birding, Better Living Through Birding encourages us to both wake up to the racism that permeates our lives, and look up into the sky above us.

100 Places to See After You Die by Ken Jennings Think you’ve been there and done everything? Not so fast. From New York Times bestselling author, legendary Jeopardy! champion, and host Ken Jennings comes a hilarious travel guide to the afterlife, exploring destinations to die for from literature, mythology, and pop culture ranging from Dante’s Inferno to Hadestown to NBC’s The Good Place.  As the reviewer from Kirkus suggested, the book could be titled, everything you wanted to know about the afterlife but were too alive to ask.





PageBoy: A Memoir by Elliot Page Before he became one of the most well-known trans men in the world, Elliot Page, a talented  actor who had garnered critical respect for the roles he played in a number of mostly small indie films, before the breakout film, Juno, catapulted him to fame and earned him an Academy Award. What should have been a dream come true, became instead a nightmare, when Page, who was just beginning his transition, was forced to act the part of a hot young starlet, a role that made his skin crawl. In this highly anticipated memoir, Page shares the story of his search for identity and his coming of age in Hollywood.