Friday, June 28, 2024

New Releases - July Edition

Check out these highly anticipated new releases featuring fiction and nonfiction titles. Click on the title to request a copy or get your name on the waitlist. Don’t forget to watch for more featured releases next month!


The Lion Women of Tehran by Marjan Kamali.  Best seller Kamali (The Stationery Shop) offers a story of friendship and redemption set against three decades in Tehran, beginning in the 1950s when seven-year-old Ellie meets Homa. The girls bond over their shared interests and their desire to grow up to be "lion women." Class and opportunity divide them, but fate brings them together repeatedly, testing and forging—and breaking—bonds. Copyright 2024 Library Journal.

Sweetmint is invisible, just like 40 percent of the population. They are oppressed by the Dominant Population at every turn. When her brother is falsely accused of murder to cover up a political assassination, Sweetmint is forced to run for her life, sending her straight into the arms of a revolution that may, or may not, be capable of dismantling all of the levers of power that have been engineered to keep her people down. . . Sweetmint's quest for justice is juxtaposed with the real assassin's revenge motives even as the villainous plots of those in power are set against the rhetoric of the revolutionary underground.—Marlene Harris Copyright 2024 LJExpress.

The Same Bright Stars:  A Novel by Ethan Joella.  The colorful latest from Joella (A Quiet Life) finds 52-year-old Jack Schmidt at a crossroads in his diligent management of his family’s restaurant in Rehobeth Beach, Del., which he took over from his father decades earlier. When corporate bully DelDine, which has been scooping up dining establishments up and down the Delaware coast, approaches Jack with a lucrative offer, he’s tempted to take it. . . Meanwhile, he rekindles his romance with former fiancĂ© Kitty, and the narrative flashes back to the 1980s, when the pair fell in love as teens. Eventually, Jack enters into negotiations with DelDine, but revelations about the developer’s true intentions complicate matters. . . Joella adds in meaty themes of gentrification, corporate greed, and the burdens and privileges of family tradition. Those in search of a feel-good summer tale will find what they’re looking for. Agent: Madeleine Milburn. Copyright 2024 Publishers Weekly.


The Secret Lives of Numbers: A Hidden History of Math's Unsung Trailblazers by Kate Kitagawa and Timothy Revell.  Leading historian of mathematics Kitagawa and science journalist Revell move from the great female mathematician Hypatia to Arabic and Indian mathematicians to numerous Black mathematicians who challenged data-based methods of racial discrimination during the civil rights era to offer a new history of mathematics emphasizing marginalized voices. Copyright 2023 Library Journal
The Talented Mrs. Mandelbaum by Margalit Fox.  Journalist Fox (The Confidence Men) pieces together a captivating biography of Fredericka Mandelbaum (1825–1894), who oversaw one of America’s first large-scale criminal enterprises. Fox’s detailed descriptions of intricate heists make for a transfixing tale. Readers will be swept up. Copyright 2024 Publishers Weekly.

A Hunger to Kill by Kim Mager with Lisa Pulitzer.
Ohio police detective Mager’s chilling true crime debut recounts her 2016 interrogation of serial killer Shawn Grate. Arrested after a woman escaped from his home in Ashland, Ohio, Grate was initially booked for rape and kidnapping. But as the hours ticked by and Mager began to question Grate, she realized she might have stumbled on the most consequential case of her career… Drawing on her interviews with Grate, his escaped victim, and his half-sister, Mager delivers an unflinching study of a killer. This hums with the intensity of a real-life Silence of the Lambs. Copyright 2024 Publishers Weekly.

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